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Hi! [13 Jun 2009|12:28pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Hopefully this small comment will bring back many devotionshippers!
Anyways I'm new!
I just recently got into Jou/Anzu after reading a Jou/Anzu/Seto triangle. (Yes, I support a crap load of other Anzu shippings too xD)
I've been dying to read some good fanfics and see some good fanart!
Sadly I have not succeeded in the fanart department, but I'm a bit satisfied with fanfics.
Hoping to see other lifeforms~~


are you devoted?

[16 Jul 2006|08:56pm]

[ mood | content ]

My slideshow for Joey/Tea

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a few jouanzu blends.. [15 Nov 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Aww, it makes me sad this community is inactive ♥ oh well! I'm trying to spread the jou/anzu loveeee. :3 under the cut is a few blends i made, feel free to use them but give credit to premium__heart!

sdfjalsdjfsdf. omg jounouchi x anzuuu!Collapse )

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Yo there! [27 Oct 2005|06:37pm]

New member! *waves hand* I've been a fan of JouxAnzu for sometime now, though it's not my favorite couple, I still like it and it's absolutely adorable!

Um... Stuffs?Collapse )
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WOW~ [14 Oct 2005|01:06am]
[ mood | content ]

Wow! This community hasn't been touched in a LONG TIME. XD Well, I'd just like to say JOUANZU is my yugioh OTP ever since YGO debuted. I'm still really mad that they're not together ;_; Oh well.. but i'm just here to make a shameless plug :'D


My shrine to Jou/Anzu. XDDD

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HELLO!! [19 Nov 2004|04:49pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hi, there. Long time no see and if anybody thought I was dead...I can't blame them for thinking that.

I just started a C2 community at ff.net archiving JouxAnzu fics. There's not much there so far, but PLEASE contribute some fics if you have any. All kind of fic is accepted as long as it concentrates on JouxAnzu -yes, that also means love triangles can be accepted too.

Here's the link:

.: Azure and Tan Blond Eyes :.

Please review the fics in the community and I shall be signing off right about now.

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hiya! [10 Nov 2004|06:42pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

^^; i see this hasn't been paid attention too in quite a bit, anyone still interested? i just got into the couple myself and wrote my first devostionshipping fic tonight! does anyone want me to post the link to it from fanfiction.net? if so and people like it i'll write more. well hope someone notices me, ja!

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It is I, O my brothers, your mod and maintainer. [18 Jul 2004|03:06pm]

Pfft. Sorry for the disappearing act. But I'm back now, and moderator and maintainer privliges have been switched to this journal. =)

Also, if anyone's interested in being assistant mod, let me know. There's not much modly stuff to do around here, but *shrug* just in case.
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Newbie here [05 Jul 2004|01:32pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Well, I was really surprised when I saw this community (JouxAnzu fans are rare) and I have to look around to make sure it was (the background confirmed it all). Though there are not much members, I am glad nonetheless that I finally have a niche to express my love for Devotionshipping!! To start off, I'll contribute some fics here by giving the link to my profile in Fanfiction.Net. Most of my fics are Seto/Anzu/Jounouchi, but hopefully, the Jounouchi/Anzu parts will satisfy you guys!! Here's the link:

Shinaka's Fanfiction

And enjoy!!

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[25 Jun 2004|11:56pm]

New community layout. Opinions welcome. Background pic courtesy of clear_as_blood.
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Introductory post [22 Jun 2004|05:48pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi. I'm sorry I took so long to do this. I moderate this community, having created after noticing the general rarity of one of my favorite pairings. (Admittedly, I have a lot of favorite pairings, but...). ^_^;

I won't say any more just yet for fear of sounding like an idiot, except to say that anybody willing to donate time and/or effort to make a real community icon would be worshipped like a god. ^^

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