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Hopelessly Devoted

(A Jounouchi x Anzu community)

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A community for those of you interested in the Joey Wheeler/Jounouchi Katsuya x Tèa Gardner/Mazaki Anzu relationship. We like fanart/fiction featuring this couple and we especially welcome recommendations. Oh, and we don't bite. Promise.

Well, at least most of us don't, anyway.

Hentai material is welcome here as long as it's placed under and lj-cut with a warning. Works containing yaoi/yuri/shounen-ai/shoujo-ai are also welcome provided they are Jounouchi x Anzu-centric (this also applies to fics/art containing non-Devotionshippy het pairings).

Background pic courtesy of clear_as_blood. Icon courtesy of lira_chan.

This community is moderated by hushpuppie_.