Hush Puppie (puppylove_) wrote in jouxanzu,
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Introductory post

Hi. I'm sorry I took so long to do this. I moderate this community, having created after noticing the general rarity of one of my favorite pairings. (Admittedly, I have a lot of favorite pairings, but...). ^_^;

I won't say any more just yet for fear of sounding like an idiot, except to say that anybody willing to donate time and/or effort to make a real community icon would be worshipped like a god. ^^
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*wave wave* Seeing as it's _you,_ I'd be thrilled/honored to make you an icon for your community... But seeing as yugioh is anything if a large fandom of mine, and seeing as I don't exactly rabidly support jouxanzu... *sweatdrop* Well, to put it simply, I don't have much to work with in the department of pictures/images/bases (all the same thing, really...), and I would need to be keyed into any inner-fandom joke-things that would make good icon captions... So if I were to take a stab at icon-making for you... Well, there's no saying what my diseased brain would produce. ._.;;
Lira *cuddles* Awww. You're so sweet. I mean, I know there's not a lot you can do, but the offer is just so sweet ^^ If there's anything you can do, I promise to let you know.

Feh, I rabidly support Jouxanyone, honestly. XD Kidding, kidding... I think.